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Tow Trucks

Different types of cars or trucks may require different towing methods. At Cliff's Towing & Transport our tow trucks are fully capable of providing towing service for a wide variety of vehicles. No matter the situation, our trucks are reliable and able to provide medium duty towing and light duty towing service all throughout Rutledge, GA.

One of Cliff's Towing & Transport's top priorities is providing towing and winching services that don’t cause any additional damage to your vehicle during the towing process. In addition to providing efficient and cost effective services we strive to treat your vehicle with care.

We offer emergency towing service at unbeatable prices. Not only are our prices flexible but so is our service schedule, which is why we also provide 24 hour towing service and speedy gas delivery.

Cliff's Towing & Transport is Rutledge, GA's #1 towing company, dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing top quality service. Call Cliff's Towing & Transport for more information today!